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It’s time to come together and inspire our industry’s future. It’s time for #FairKitchens.

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What is #FairKitchens?

#FairKitchens is a movement of chefs supporting chefs to inspire a new kitchen culture.

Cooking is a language we’re fluent in, and our passion for food is what makes this industry great. To keep that flame alive, we’re proposing a kitchen culture that’s kinder and more open than the one we know.

The #FairKitchens Code is our starting point, a common voice that reflects our values, nurtures our passion and puts our teams first. 

Let’s use it to build a brighter future for the industry.

Let’s work as TEAMS.

  • Talk openly

    We speak out when we have something to say, we make sure others do the same.

  • Excite passion

    We train, mentor and inspire the next generation. We fuel their flame.

  • Act as one

    No matter our ethnicity, gender or religion, we share the same goal. We respect each other, hold back from abuse and ask “R U OK?” if we think someone’s not.

  • Make time

    We make time for breaks – for fresh air and daylight. We rest, relax and recharge where we can.

  • Say ‘Good job’

    When one of us does a good job, we say it because a pat on the back can make their day.

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One of us can't change the industry, but together we can. Find out what it takes.

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Take the first step in becoming a Fair Kitchen. 'An Hour for Us’ is the opportunity to kickstart the #FairKitchens movement in your operation. Pick an hour in the day, get together with your team, discuss what The Code means to you and take action.

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