Thriving in hospitality: 6 tips to end the year on a high note

As the year draws to a close, the pressure increases in the hospitality industry. Our restaurants, hotels and catering businesses get busier, but we still need to provide the same exceptional service to our customers. 

Our chefs and experts share advice and tips for not just surviving but thriving in the festive season. This time is a great opportunity to remember what you have accomplished and you have lessons learned over the past 12 months, which we can take with us into the new year.

Become a family with your team members

To keep spirits up during the busy holiday season, foster a sense of camaraderie among the staff. Become a family with your team members. Focus on creating a positive and inclusive work environment to ensure everyone feels valued and included. Stay calm during the festive season by planning ahead and delegating tasks. Encourage teamwork, recognise and appreciate each person's contributions, and organise festive activities such as themed meals, decorations and gift exchanges. 

Dario Morillo
Executive Chef, The Hungry Lion Consulting

Encourage open and transparent communication  

The whole idea of a team is to collaborate to reach a universal goal. Transparent communication is key to building stronger teams. You should share both negative and positive information to build trust in each other. Encourage a culture of open sharing and your team will feel more connected to their work and the organisation’s strategic decisions. The Christmas and New Year’s festivities can be hectic. The trick is to maintain daily team building moments to bring your team together and have fun.

Ankie Janssens
Co-owner, Mr. Sammi Bistro Bar and Tante Tilly Brasserie 

Make time for fun with loved ones

The festive season is a demanding period in the hospitality industry. Be easy on yourself. Spending quality time with your family and loved ones is a proven way to help you deal with stress and improve your mood. Do fun activities together that will make you have fun and laugh.

Leon Marney
Chef and Owner, Revival Gourmet Cuisine

Keep listening to be an empathetic leader

The future of hospitality is exciting. We need to make sure to keep the creative and human aspects of this amazing industry while we embrace changes. My advice to be empathic leaders: never assume. Always ask questions, listen, and understand your team. 

Dianne Araneta
Unilever Food Solutions

Offer attractive working conditions to keep the team motivated

We’re moving away from the days when cooks were poorly paid. To attract and retain talent, we need to ensure good working conditions, fair pay and extra benefits. It's important to find the balance during busy work times. Don't overdo it and leave some time for your family. Nothing is more important than having close people around you. 

Volker Willems 
CEO, My Shifts

Reboot when you need to

The end of the year is always busy in this industry. It’s important to look after our mental health so we can thrive. Find ways to relax. It might be taking some time for yourself, going outside and getting some exercise. It can help you reboot when you need it most.  

Robyn Marney
Chef and Owner, Revival Gourmet Cuisine

Prioritise self-care when the heat is on. Remember what is important to you, like your loved ones, and focus on them. We spend so much time with our colleagues that they become family, too. Let’s treat each other with empathy and kindness. This month was not only about finding ways to thrive in the busy festive season, but also to look back at all the lessons learned. 

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