Resources to Support the LGBTQI+ Community in Hospitality

A Fair Kitchen is a kitchen that welcomes any talent regardless of how you identify or who you love. We firmly believe that every Chef and Cook should be able to feel proud to be themselves in a safe, supportive, and positive kitchen. We encourage  kitchens to be safe spaces for conversation, inclusivity and equality for every Chef - Talk Openly and Act as One are two of the key values of the #FairKitchens Code.

This Pride month, we want to inspire all Chefs and members of the #FairKitchens community to be proud of who they are, and encourage every kitchen to learn more about how to create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQI+ individuals. We believe in human rights, and that means talking about important issues to inspire change.

Being proud to be yourself means feeling accepted for who you are. It means embracing what makes you unique and being included in every conversation, both inside and outside the kitchen.

The environment in which you work can affect how comfortable or included you feel, so we want to support teams to learn together about how to make their kitchen a place where each indvidual can bring their whole self to work.



The #FairKitchens movement is showing our support with a ‘Did You Know’ series of helpful and educational videos that make learning about the LQBTQI+ community accessible to all so that we can learn together.

These videos explain the basic of understanding including how to use appropriate language and pronouns, how to be a good ally and the importance of educating yourself for your fellow Chefs and the Chefs of our future.



Need someone to talk to?

Our support goes beyond the kitchen. For any Chef facing prejudice or discrimination in an unfair working environment and in need of somebody to talk to, please check out our Solutions page to find mental health resources in your country.

Chefs in South Africa, don't forget you can call our #FairKitchens Helpline for free and confidential support, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Proud to be an ally: Supporting LGBTQI+ in Hospitality