#FairKitchens Mental Health Support: Northern Ireland

If you or your team are struggling, there are organizations which have resources and support to help:

Hospitality Focussed

Hospitality Action

A charity that provide grants and various resources for the hospitality industry:

  1. Crisis help line – for anyone in the industry: 0808 802 0282
  2. Employee Assistance Programme that businesses can sign up to
  3. Covid Wellbeing Hub- including advice on addiction, anxiety, looking after your wellbeing during furlough and coping with uncertainty


Action Mental Health

Actively promotes the mental health and well-being of people in Northern Ireland and looks to smash the stigma of mental illness for all sections of the community. AMH provides workplace mental health training as well as  services such as:

  • ·        Mental Health Awareness, Education & Training
  • ·        Mental Health in the workplace advice
  • ·        Counselling
  • ·        Getting into work and staying in work


Mindwise delivers over 30 key services to more than 1000 people affected by mental health issues every day. Raising awareness and campaigning for change. They provide advocacy and advice, and train workplaces to better understand and support good mental health.

  • ·        Campaigning and lobbying
  • ·        WorkWise mental health training - bespoke for each business
  • ·        List of services