Making delivery work for you

Here are some resources to help you decide if delivery is right for you and make sure any changes are useful and lasting.

1. Find out what’s allowed
Rules on takeaway and delivery have been relaxed in many countries, opening up a vital new revenue stream. Check your licence and general guidance for individual countries to see what’s possible.

2. Learn from experts in switching to delivery
The #UnitedWeStand series run by Big Hospitality and supported by Arla Pro, McCain and Unilever Food Solutions has published expert advice on how to pivot from dine-in to delivery. Their tips include:

 - Make a noise online and let the local community know what you’ve got to offer.

 - Use your offline channels too, as windows are still seen when people go out to exercise and flyers can reach less digitally savvy customers.

 - Set up online ordering so phone orders don’t tie up staff members.

 - Consider store selection if you have multiple sites and decide which would work well as a hub for delivery.

 - Simplify your menu to increase efficiencies while satisfying customers.

 - Reinforce hygiene standards by offering contactless delivery and instilling even stronger hygiene practices as a starting point.

 - Rearrange your kitchen. Deliveroo recommends six distinct areas for storage, hands-off area, packing, dispatch, indoor rider waiting and outdoor rider waiting overflow.

 - Make it feel permanent, winning customer confidence with transformation which feels long-term.

Read the full article here.

3. Find out how to work with third party delivery
The USA’s National Restaurant Association hosted an expert panel on third party delivery in 2019. Their recommendations were: 

 - Make pick ups easy as drivers can choose which orders to accept. Good parking and a designated entrance for delivery drivers can help, as does being friendly and welcoming.  

 - Work with the weather, advises Brandy Blackwell of Dunkin’ US, who checks weather apps and targets local marketing or Facebook promotions to wherever it’s raining. 

 - Set delivery minimum incentives so customers get a free gift if they order a certain amount. 

 - Know third party delivery apps can be a marketing tool as customers can find you there, even if they then order directly. 

 - Assign someone to check orders including any extras like condiments.

Read the full article here.

4. Sign up to a third party delivery service (unless you’re going to run your own)
Many third party services are offering special sign up packages and resources for those new to delivery. Check out this list of offers and resources from some of the most popular delivery platforms in the US.

5. Create a menu that travels well and promote your delivery service
Unilever Food Solutions is running an information hub on everything you need to know about food delivery to keep your business running through COVID-19, with recent topics including: 

 - How to set up the perfect delivery menu.

 - 5 food delivery safety tips.

 - The most popular dishes guests are looking for.