John's tips to work with the Code

  1. Start the conversation simply – how do they think last night's service went? What do they think could be improved? How do they feel today?
  2. Change up who talks first  –  sometimes a chef can start, sometimes a server can start. It shouldn't always be you. Everyone is equal.
  3. There's no "I" in team - get everybody's input on critical decisions and operational issues. It affects them, so their opinion counts.
  4. Involve your FOH - a well-run restaurant depends on a good relationship between FOH and BOH. Encourage this by bringing both into the conversation - they have different views on the same service. 
  5. Make it memorable - give everyone a paper copy of the #FairKitchens Code (we put it on front on everyone's notebook) and encourage them to take notes.
  6. Show you're listening - use their notes to shape the next discussion, share what you're doing differently.