Shaping the future of kitchen culture: 8 Expert predictions on how foodservice will change by 2034

The future of kitchen culture is bright, according to our FairKitchens ambassadors. They shared a glimpse of how they believe the hospitality industry will transform and change for the better in the next decade. It will be an inspiring future where teams are more diverse, schedules are flexible thanks to technology and working hours are fairer. 

Taking care of the people who work in the industry will be the most important thing, not just making a financial profit. That means paying attention to their health, both physically and mentally, and making sure they have a good balance between work and life. Read on for more about these exciting predictions!

Respect for all team members 

“Inclusion is the key ingredient in the future kitchen. There will be diversity in the team members and management. Kitchens will be safe spaces for people of colour and women. Their creativity and contributions will be recognised and celebrated. Everyone will be treated equally. Management will set the example of respecting all team members, regardless of their role.”

Luz Dayana Perez Salazar

Chef and owner, El Huarache Loco

Focus on collaboration

“Chefs will lead with empathy and compassion. Team members will be celebrated for their unique contributions. The hierarchy will shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ as collaboration and communication increase. Staff wellbeing and retention will be enhanced by this. Community-based workforce development and apprenticeships will create opportunities for people who don’t have formal training. This will improve diversity.”

Dina Altieri 

Director of Education and Training, Catalyst Kitchens

Prepare yourself for a mentally fit future

If we want to adapt to change, we need to openly discuss mental health and have open and honest conversations about how we are feeling. Investing in your mental health will allow you to be a better chef, a better colleague and a better person overall, as you will have filled your own cup. Chefs work in high pressure environments. Having coping mechanisms is so important to help us manage and thrive. Build into your day three minutes to take a break and be mindful. 

Vanishaa Gordhan

Spokesperson, South African Depression and Anxiety Group

Watch the full recording of A FAIR CHAT between Vanishaa Gordhan and Chef Pinky Maruping for more insights.

Sharing information to learn and evolve

“In 10 years from now, the best kitchens will welcome and accept all individuals. Each person’s contributions will be recognised and we will treat each other as equals. Everyone will be able to learn and grow. Knowledge will be shared freely between the management and team. We will constantly evolve, always striving to improve.” 

Joey Baffoe 

Winner 2023, Jeunes Chefs Rotisseurs Competition

Equitable and fair pay

“Technology and automation can help to ensure fairness. All team members will have equal access to skills development to empower them to thrive in their careers. Digital HR technology will have standard performance metrics and remove any bias from reviews. This will ensure equitable pay and a culture of inclusivity.” 

James Knight-Paccheco

Chef and co-founder, Group JKP

Inclusive hiring is the first step

“There will be more racial, national, gender and religious diversity in teams. This starts with inclusive hiring, that is fair to all candidates and removes bias. Digital tools will distribute the workload between team members equitably and assist with flexible scheduling. This leads to a healthier work-life balance and better mental health for staff and lower turnover rates.”

Mariyam Shaazy


People are more important than profits 

“The most important change is to put people first. Respect is essential. Kitchens have to become friendly places where abuse is not tolerated. Physical wellbeing and mental health are more important than profits or awards. Working hours have to be better limited, to protect work-life balance. Pay must be more fair and overtime has to be compensated.”

Dimitris Kamaritis

Chef Consultant

Putting diversity and wellbeing first

“Kitchens will be inclusive, with people of all backgrounds, genders and races working together. Compensation will be equitable and fair. To attract and retain talent, pay will be equitable and fair. Mental and physical wellbeing will be put first. It’s essential for us to operate at our best.”  

Thaís Gimenez 

Executive Chef, Unilever Food Solutions Brazil

According to these predictions, change is coming and it's bringing a wave of positivity and progress! If we emphasise diversity, equality and wellbeing like our ambassadors suggest, the foodservice industry will be transformed over the next ten years. By prioritising people over financial gain and embracing technology to enhance flexibility and fairness, we're laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

As we look ahead, let's remain committed to fostering a culture of empathy, support and collaboration within the hospitality community. Together, we can build a brighter, more resilient industry, where fairness is the priority, just as our experts envision.

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