COVID-19: Information and Resources for Foodservice Professionals in the US

Resource guide for foodservice professionals on how to manage, adapt and care for your business and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC Information on What You Need to Know to Keep Your Workplace Safe and stay up to date on developments:

US Small Business Administration (SBA) Guidance for Loans and Resources:

The National Restaurant Association helps to ensure that its members and the industry have access to the latest information to strengthen operations and communicate with their employees to mitigate risk. To address the coronavirus (COVID-19), they have put together a robust online resource with industry-specific guidance for restaurant owners and operators.

    - Based on ServSafe®, the industry’s leading food safety training and certification program, a guideline for handling this latest virus is available at Food Safety Focus, ready to download and share.

 - The online resource will continue to be updated as more information is made available by the CDC and other health organizations.

  • Datassential's reports can be found here.

    Stay informed on the latest effects coronavirus is having on the industry with Datassential's complimentary study (Click here for report #1, report #2 issued 3/17 is here and report #3 issued 3/20 is here.) 

    James Beard Foundation's update on Industry Response and Resources for Chefs, Restauranteurs, and Diners will be updated on a frequent basis with webinars (Click here for the latest).

    Technomic COVID-19 Impact Research whitepaper on the impact that COVID-19 is having on the foodservice industry.


    The Open Table State of the Industry Report can be found here.


    Food & Wine’s list of Local and nationwide resources that we hope can provide some relief for laid-off restaurant workers.


    Headspace:  This app has recently released a lot of content from behind the paywall globally that will help individuals with stress, anxiety, fear, change and panic.

    1. 1. Download and register for the Headspace mobile application. 

      2. Navigate to the "Weathering the storm" a new category in the Explore tab of the app. There, you can find a free collection of guided meditations and exercises specifically designed to help manage stress, anxiety, and uncertainty through mindfulness.

      3. Check the resources hub for best practices, guides, and employee-facing materials to help you introduce Headspace to your organization.


    Grocery Resources on guidelines for Retail Supermarket Foodservice:


    Restaurant Opportunities Center United is providing resources and financial assistance to restaurant workers impacted by the crisis. You can search for resources at a national, state and local level here.


    USBG National Charity Foundation is helping the bar industry community with a Bartender Emergency Assistance Program as well as a COVID-19 Relief Campaign. You can find more about it here.


    Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation is providing resources for restaurants and workers coping with the crisis (click here).


    One Fair Wage are providing free cash assistance to restaurant workers, delivery drivers and other tipped workers and service workers, to apply click here.


    Another Round Another Rally is offering $500 relief grants for hospitality workers who lost their jobs or had their hours slashed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak (click here for more info).


    Tock allows you to offer meals for delivery or pickup, just like a prepaid experience. It's easy, fast, and safe for your staff and guests alike. Click here.



    For additional training resources to support the well-being of staff at this time, please check out UFS Academy for more info on personal hygiene, safety in food delivery and mental health support for you and your team.