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May 15, 2018 New York

On May 15 our first HEARD! happened in New York. HEARD! offers a safe and intimate environment for chefs to open up about what challenges them, with a professional panel on hand to offer solutions. Our passion for food shouldn't come at a cost. This HEARD! event resulted in actions to improve well-being in your team: look for small ways to check in with your team, look people in the eye to enhance interaction, and stick around for the response when you ask someone 'how are you?'

Download the discussion below, including links to free (local) resources to improve mental well-being!

* HEARD! NYC.pdf
Download here!

an hour for us

Get started! Start to work with the #FairKitchens Code and take part in ‘An Hour for Us’, an opportunity to kickstart the #FairKitchens movement. Pick an hour in the day, get together with your team and discuss what the Code  means to you. Tag your social posts with #FairKitchens and #AnHourforUs to help spread the word!


July 24, 2018 New Orleans

The second HEARD! event took place in New Orleans, another opportunity for chefs to share their experiences and issues together and without judgement. This HEARD! event was about staff retention and mental well-being. It is easy to show up and do your job, but it is not easy to truly listen. You are a team, and it is important to be open and there for your team, and to ask them what is going on.

But also take care of your own mental health: limit alcohol to help you sleep, ensure one day off per week, and spend more time around people.

Download the discussion below!

Download here!