About #FairKitchens

The foodservice industry has been among the industries hit hardest by the current crisis. Closures, an abundance of regulations and uncertainty about the future have put an additional grip on an industry that is already stressful and demanding.

Research by Unilever Food Solutions conducted in 2017 already revealed a serious wellbeing issue within professional kitchens: 74% of chefs were sleep deprived to the point of exhaustion; 63% of chefs felt depressed, and more than half felt pushed to the breaking point. With the challenges that 2020 has delivered, well-being within professional kitchens remains a key issue.

Now more than ever, the foodservice industry must stand together to move forward and bring about change for a sustainable future. Let’s reflect on our values, as people and communities, and create a healthy and positive kitchen culture that enables its people to thrive. Because this industry will only thrive if the people who work in it are thriving.

It’s time to act.

How does #FairKitchens work ?

The #FairKitchens Code is the starting point of the movement. We have updated it to fit the reality we live in and emphasize the importance of creating a healthy kitchen culture based on open communication, passion, support and teamwork.

Let’s work as TEAMS. Let’s change the industry.

  • letter-t

    Talk openly

    About how you are all feeling.

  • letter-e

    Excite passion

    And remind yourself and others why you love what you do.

  • letter-a

    Act as one

    To support each other and stay connected.

  • letter-m

    Make time

    To do something you always wanted to do for yourself and for your community.

  • letter-s

    Say ‘Good job’

    For the small things.


The #FairKitchens code is supported by training videos, advice and tips by chefs for chefs, and short guides on topics including improving communication and supporting team members experiencing a personal crisis.

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