GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World

Executive Chef Wynand Schoeman and his staff have created an open, inclusive kitchen environment. Watch the videos below for insights on how to be a mentor to members, how to create an environment where people thrive and how to recognise mental distress.

Vidéos OCT. 24, 2019

How to be a mentor

From student programs and providing food to communities to leading by example - hear about the team's efforts to be good mentors.
Vidéos FÉVR. 11, 2020

Recognising mental distress

The team share insights on how to spot signs and act appropriately, the importance of acknowledging problems and making staff feel comfortable to get help.
Vidéos OCT. 24, 2019

Creating an environment where people thrive

GrandWest has established an open, inclusive environment by devoting time to each individual and bringing diversity to the kitchen.